Laid Back Look: Rockin’ Momma

I have always been a sucker for the Rockabilly lifestyle. I say lifestyle because it is composed of many things: art, music, style, and American tradition. Rockabilly dates back to the 1950s as a style of rock and roll that was inspired by country, rhythm and blues, and blue grass in the south.
style and music legends of the 50's rockabilly
Johnny Cash with Elvis Presley, The queen of rockabilly- Wanda Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe

As far as style goes, the prices can seem pretty expensive and unattainable when you are basing your wanted look off of a model,  but if you do your “homework” and really want to be part of the culture, it can be really simple and pocket friendly. Here is an example of an outfit that I created (and yes, I am adding this to my cart!) with .One of the cool thing is that it will help you find the items (or similar) that fit your budget and you can purchase them right then and there.

Let me know what you consider to be your style if you have one or what you would want your ideal style to be!

Rockabilly Mom



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